I have been trying so hard to stop taking photos being motivated by what I feel, and focus on what I see. It did not take me long to realise I am a person of this quality, the quality and strength to embrace every feeling, no matter how negative it might be, and let it teach me, let it grow and die in me, and eventually express it. It is almost impossible to me to see something outside my feelings shaped world, and I guess this is who I am and what makes me unique among others. Observing her body as well as I observe my body changing, reminded me what constitutes human flesh. She looked so tiny and fragile, as if getting older means you shrink back into a small dot, from where all began. An internal meeting point.

Part of my flesh stories. Influence by my Francoise Dolto readings:

La solitude m’a toujours accompagnée, de près ou de loin, comme elle accompagne tous ceux, qui seuls, tentent de voir et d’entendre, là où d’ aucuns ne font que regarder et écouter. Amie inestimable, ennemie mortelle, solitude qui ressource, solitude qui détruit, elle nous pousse à atteindre et à dépasser nos limites.

|Η πιο μεγάλη οδύνη όταν αγαπάμε κάποιον είναι η αδυναμία μας να τον εμποδίσουμε από τη μοναξιά του|



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