sleepless in London, II

19th June 2016 03.57 am

Have you ever had a dream that felt like your souls met somewhere out there and spoke to each other?

shadows of bodies in black and white putting their long, soul made hands around each other in fluid shape of hug, as if two different liquid elements come together

|effortlessly | naturally | inevitably|

embraced on sunlit sheets on a bed floating on memories reflected in what we have mortally named as dream, bringing us back to places in heart where feelings are healing spaces with sharp edges that might hurt us while drifting from one soul state to another. She shed soundless tears again and confessed her love. He was a silent face on a round warm hug pulsing in a heart beat frequency. “you are not ready yet”, she said and her face disappeared in the white light of his body, she got lost inside of him.


Dreams are revisiting feelings, our soul’s or subconsciousness way to take us back to places where messages are still hidden. Our self is talking to us using memories, fears, fantasies and allegories of what had once been our reality.

As I woke up I stood by the window and stayed there for a long time, watching the weak daylight turning minute after minute the black sky to dark navy blue, to brighter blue, and finally to morning grey London sky. There were still voices from the party at the roof across the street and little birds’ songs that made me take this video. I justify my amateur trembling as the feeling of souls flying above the city to finally meet each other.

words and feelings by NK

See my video

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