Nassia Kapa is the woman behind nassiakapa.com. She gets obsessed with songs she imagines herself living in and plays them on repeat mode. She loves coffee with an ice cube, airports, hugs and long kisses, would never say no to gin and tonic, to story telling book covers and shoes. She lives in south London and loves taking long walks in neighbourhoods she has never been before.Passionate about poetry in words, in feelings, in body language.Touched by anything that can make her brain molecules obey her heart’s strong will. Lost in Opera arias and ballet. Drunk in jazz and art.

Hello, my name is Nassia. I am not a photographer. I just feel, it happens to have a camera around.


Contact me: katroutsounassia@gmail.com

Visit me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nassiakapa/

Buy work at http://www.saatchiart.com/nassiakapa



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MODFA, Online Exhibition, Emerging photographers, November 2011.
Carte Blanche IX, Athens, June – September 2012
The Blind Pilots Prject 2014, 2016
Static, London 2016


Photographs have been published on press article about psychology.

© All of my photographs are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved. They may not be used or reproduced publicly in any way without my written permission.


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