Η γραμμή της καρδιάς στην παλάμη σου.


Earlier today, I read this quote “I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we’re from the same star”, by Emery Allen. Soulmates.

Do they really exist? Have they ever existed? Or have we created this illusion to feel less lonely in our uniqueness? And if you are lucky enough to have met a soul mate, the chosen one, does that mean you will be missing that person till the next soul mate that comes along? We are trapped in our own creation of this illusion. I believe in soul, but soul mate…  We create romance to justify our feelings “forever” “soulmate”, till pain questions our trust that our soul can travel with other souls till they reach the sun and spread away to foreverness. Till we are remade from the same star.


for soulmates are stardust spread down on earth in the shape of human bodies that magnetise each other in eternal flow around each other, till we return to where we began. Inside each other, in a star.

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