Just a few hours before flying to Athens to celebrate my birthday… Sitting at my desk with my feet crossed on my chair like I used to do when I was back at school. Some things never change, on the outside, cause inside our body changes along with our state of mind. Our body cells change on a daily basis, our brain every seven years, our lungs ever few months. We breath in and breath out and that is a change itself. What the past 33 years have taught me:

Life is like a huge room full with colourful toys of any type, size, shape. And you, you are always 5 years old. Have you noticed kids? They play with all their toys, they try them all! That is life, you have to try anything you like, anything you love deep inside, at least twice before you reject it and move on. You have to challenge yourself, cause yourself changes with your body. What your mind has absorbed during your childhood traps your inner child in a body of an adult. Do not confuse yourself. Things are always simple. Not black and white, but simple. So simple that we have to invent complicated plans to survive. The only plan is the one that comes out of your heart. Cause feelings are so personal, like you. Feelings cannot be shaped, cannot be manipulated, cannot be ignored, feelings are second to none. Like you.

No one belongs here more than you. And you belong to no one but you.

Respect people. Help them. Love them and let them be.

Sleep well. and Dream.

Some of the best memories of your life are mistakes! Memories are those things you’d say “oh I would never…” “should I try? nah…” Memories is what happens to your life when you are not having second thoughts. People, as they get older, are trapped in second thoughts and obey to their internal mother and father, and they miss their lives. Make mistakes or you just live for others. Remember when you were kid? What made you scream out of excitement? What thrilled your restless mind? What made you run fast with your friends? THAT is what you should do till you are no longer able to walk. And even then, keep on creating images in your mind. Like memories to be made, your personal receivables.

The only thing you own and the only person you owe to is yourself. It is you who brought you here, it is you who dreamt and worked for those dreams to become true. Share yourself with those who admire yourself not those who want to change it! Who can you tell they love you, when you need to change to gain their love? Did you have to change to get your mother’s breast feed you? Did you have to change for your friends to play hide and seek? Did you have to change to enjoy little, yet the most important things like sun, rain, the taste of red strawberries, the smell of hydrangeas, the songs you sang with your grand parents on Sundays at the back yard, your first kiss, the first time you smelled skin wet and human flesh, the first time you said good bye to those you love? No. Remember, if you are asked to change, you are not what they love, you are what they need.

33 years have passed since my mom heard my voice for the first time and my father cried for me. I feel blessed for all those beautiful people who came into my life and made me who I am right this moment. I thank all of them. I send them my love, cause we were once inseparable. To my unique grand parents who raised me with endless love and care, my parents who are still the most difficult persons I have to deal with yet I love with all my heart. Friends at school and universities. Colleagues who shared jokes and cigarettes together with. Friends who drank life like wine with me. Lovers that kissed my heart and made my soul travel. To those who are no longer with us but stay always in our mind and heart. To all those who are coming and shall share new passions and laughter and tears and secrets and trips together.




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