I miss being a less free version of me in someone’s emotional slavery.

“You have it all”, he told her crossing his fingers with hers, “but then again you seem to be missing everything”

“you see, what I am missing is something abstract and internal, that awakens when my soul’s vibes meet his. Endless heart exploding kisses paralysing the body in sweet intimacy. Late night talks about things you think are precious secrets that only he and you can share and whisper mouth to mouth. Things like universe and what brought you together, wordless conversations between loud senses that make the skin alive and close the eyes with an exhale. Intense silence that puts the world on mute and enlarges your kissing bonding bodies over the sky. I miss being a less free version of me in someone’s emotional slavery. I miss that feeling of the white noise surrounding my presence when his voice travels from my ears to every single molecule of my body. I miss electricity in oneness. I miss commitment in nowness.”

His hand was still holding hers, but it felt untouched, as nothing brought those hands together, nothing glued the skin of his with hers. This is what distinguishes two from one, he thought as he stood up to leave, the touch that feels so intimate and familiar as if your bodies were always one.

Thoughts and words: Nassia Kapa.
Photography: Nassia Kapa.

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