.body. land(e)scape. IV

The past few weeks I have been working on my old project that presents human body as land. A land that breaths in and out and of which we are permanent residents. Permanent, as long as life flows within this unique land. At the same time I was reading a book about a religious married woman, mother of two, who fell in love with a poet she had never met, but whose poems she had read. Himself believed in God, married, father of two. One day she decided to write a letter to him, about his poems. And the letters led to an exploration of lust, love, guilt, betrayal, loneliness and self acceptance.

They were signing their letters with their names, then their initials, till the day he realised he had a new identity, he was now hers.

“Paint me the full picture of Little Girl Maggie, I want to know the child who became the naked mind I hope to find in my inbox every day. It’s a mind I’d like to keep close. For a lifetime, if possible.

Yours – Yours.”

Fire Sermon | Jamie Quatro



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