I was searching for a name for this self portrait. I decided to reflect what I have been feeling lately. A long lasted pause. It’s not a state of stillness, it is a pause, leading somewhere I don’t know yet.
I uploaded the photograph and kept looking into my eyes, I wondered what “she” might have been thinking, and realised I took this photograph back in November 2016, when the pause was first felt. I had just returned from Stockholm and was packing to Naples and then Genoa, and then Athens. I was so happy, so complete, yet on progress. And then, it all changed, I lost myself, or better say, I had a new self born, unshaped, undefined, unknown, yet always part of me. My balance turned to be my most challenging practice. On and off my yoga mat. A year and a half later, I cross the same path, but I am stronger, or I am a better friend of mine, I can articulate my silence. I stand my ground. I feel and I let it be, I try not to be defined by what I think or feel. I define my reality. Some days I stand routed and sometimes the wind bends my spine. Embracing my imperfection, loving my transition. A pause. A process. A life meaning breath.


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