.self on canvas.

One once said “We never really encounter the world, all we experience is our own nervous system.”

Life has changed. Or I have. The way I see me. The way I see in me.


I remain silent for longer time. I dedicate more and more time of my dailiness to my yoga practice. I touch my body’s and probably mind’s limits, my fears, my breaking points and create more space for me to love. And every day is a new beginning. I am only learning. Or unlearning. I feel I start again and again, from another point on my soul map. My mind and I are in the process of establishing a new relationship, one where my heart is above, higher above. I meditate more. Once I wake up. And my dreams come back like waves in feelings. And I try to observe without judgement. I met this Yogi with the amazingly calming voice, god there is always a voice to travel within my unconsciousness, and he showed me what being quiet feels like. A yoga teacher reminded me earlier today that accepting that you will fall is strength empowering. It is part of the process. And one of the the biggest lessons in (my) life. Let go of fear and surrender to the flow.



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