.in the womb.

“I was conscious in my mother’s womb. Feeling the movements in her body. Aware of my own helpless state. This body bundle of bones is not I. Occasionaly, the darkness of the womb would be dispelled and light would visit me. On one side, I wanted to express myself as a human being, yet, on the other side, I didn’t. Because I felt I was a spirit.”
|Awake, The life of Yogananda|

There is a specific moment in time that you have been longing for and one morning you will wake up and everything will be new, and even thought you have been working for it, you will think that this is a miracle. Your soul will be dancing and you will have absolutely no reason to justify this inner happiness. It may last for a few seconds, even minutes, as long as giving birth lasts.

I am because I love. I love therefore I am.



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