We played this game based on which you write down your most favourite words. Ten of them actually, and then you write about each one of them, you justify your choice. I love words as much as I love photographs, so I chose to attach a photo to each of my little stories of my favourite words. Each word I chose reflects a piece of me and it is an important part of who I am, of my world, my perception of Nassia.

  1. Heart (noun): The organ in your chest where your soul lives and through blood it flows within your human body. A place thought to generate emotions, in a fake yet endless fight with brain, a place where fear is born out of pain and doubt.
    Heart is a place where you return when you feel alone because inside that little place you will always be a smiling child.


Heart. Made by Gods, consisting of sacred ingredients like love, trust, humanness and agape.

Heart. Our centre. Our home. Our whole being in just one fleshy muscle so powerful as to keep us alive. It is where our soul lives, because the soul needs a body in order to feel.

Heart. The centre of our universe. That place in this world where lovers live, perhaps forever, perhaps even before their mortal bodies crossed each other like two clouds on a night sky. It is that point in time and space where our eyes meet. In fire.

Heart is that secret, private yet intimate place where stars explode in foreverness and take the shape of a kiss. Two pair of lips making the muscle pump blood into a state of heavenly bliss, into divine lust and passion.

Heart. The place where grief for lovers who fell apart drowns the soul into grey oblivion, unable to breathe for a time lasting as long as a temporary eternity of devastating pain and anger.  That dark place where our soul cries till forgiveness.

Heart. A place where our dreams are written, where our eyes are meant to fall in love so silently like our voices underwater yet so loudly like our laughter. We are made of stars and we were made to love. Again. Without a vocal reason, only with an inner power. Heart, that personal place where our souls endure towards eternal happiness. Complete. As One.

Heart is where you still smile like when you were 5.


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