.evren’s road to home.

Irvin Yalom said that “this is how wrong choices are directed: we convince ourselves that there was no other way”.

The road less taken, the road never taken before and the road we took in the first place to avoid, or leave something behind, or forget, or perhaps to forgive ourselves.

On his way home, in Ankara, Evren took this photo and I edited it within few seconds, as many as a sip of Malbec lasts. Evren and I do not speak the same language but we do speak to each other. Perhaps words are the element, the least necessary one, when it comes to human communication. We talk with photographs, like this one. On the road to “meet” myself, I meet people who keep a secret piece of me inside of them. On their faces I reflect my deepest fears and glory, and we meet each other. And we keep on moving. On the road. On the road to our “home”. There is no other way, than the one that leads us “back”, eventually forward to ourselves. Our most sincere “home”.

Photograph taken by Evren Aközbek. Story born and carried within me.


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