Solution 247-261 Love.

Solution 247-261 Love

“…We also know that there’s order for the planets, and that tides are the generous breathing of the oceans…how does it all work, this balance, in spite of all? How is it possible that we can talk to each other, two strangers suddenly communicating? Why are kids so fond of birds, and you and I of squirrels?

I think there is some kind of a glue that makes a table remain a table, the same glue maybe that makes it possible for us to read Nietzsche and get something out of that reading. Sometimes, we feel like walking into the sunset, at other times we feel the need to hold a body against ours, and somehow it’s all linked together, with that glue; I mean the tears and the bliss. Love exists; we can’t define it, but we recognise it. It does exist. It’s that special energy that keeps things together, and people together…it’s all around asking us to say yes to it. And why say yes to it, if not because it is there and because it is, in the deepest layer of our consciousness, the illuminated solution to everything that we live through. Love is the answer” – Etel Adnan.

hugging each other sounds like…

DSCF4007 copy


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