Dating London

Sitting by my window, reading Kokoro and listening to my Sunday Rough trade east discovery from Cocorosie’s latest album, I felt my cheeks turning red and warm. I stopped for a moment and smiled to my reflection. The perfect date, me, some good friends, galleries, book stores, music stores, classic pubs and the most important of all, my sweet, yet tough, jazzy yet romantic London. From Central London to Hackney and back to Brick Lane andLondon bridge. An endless game of eye contact and soft kisses from playful city lights.



I started “writing” my London Tales in March 2013 when I first moved in a tiny but cute “shoe box” in Chelsea. At that time I was taking photographs to fight my loneliness and to speak with no voice, as there were days that I had barely heard me talking. My relationship with London has evolved and turned into one in which we flirt, we fight, we stay silent on Sunday mornings, we get loud on Thursday nights, we piss each other off and we make friends, we run, we dance, we smoke, we try new wine and cook wearing red lipstick all dressed in Hawaiian little dresses, we admire and we cry.



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