let me sleep


Why is it that every time someone is coming closer, our heart goes cold yet our wounds get wide open again? Where does the circle stop moving forward for a new one is starting over closer to our centre? Is it time or just us who need to move our centre and heal our hearts with our own love? Looking in the mirror you see a body of old scars and yet soft retouched skin. How long does the transition last? Does it last for a blink an eye or a whole forgiveness? And when do you know your new self is ready to take up where your old hurt fleshless self died? What is it that you carry over with you? Is it memories you can’t forgive yourself for recalling of?

let me sleep
i am tired of my grief
and i would like you
to love me…


and how i sing you like a song i heard when i was young and buried for a night like this

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