.in paris.

“They tell us all these stories
About women who became unforgettable
Because they walked away
And their absence opened up an ocean of longing
And their fault was only that they were too beautiful to be grasped
Between two arms and kept close.

They tell us stories about the women who were unattainable
Because they vanished
Inside a plane to Paris

On a road to Mandalay
In a train to Little Britain
And who carried the hearts of the men they left behind
In their suitcases.
They tell us to leave
In other words,
Because otherwise we will be forgotten
Walked over
We will be just the shadow of a dream
And irreplaceable is just a word we fantasize
Because we cannot be the exception
But the painful rule.
But I want to stay
Be the woman
Who remains
Who forgets
That Great Expectations
Was only a movie
In 1998
And Estella was just a girl
Who came back
To the man who felt

She was unforgettable to.”
—Ioana Cristina Casapu, Shortcomings |berlin artparasites|

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