We are stars under the night sky.

I woke up at 4.30 and looked at the sky outside my window and felt so overwhelmed by the absolute silence of the city under an incredibly clear dark blue night. Ironically, I felt like being in Greece looking at the summer sky. It felt so warm and familiar. I think I saw two stars above the south west part of London. As I turned back and looked at the man sleeping next to my pillow, those two stars haunted my thoughts and I surrendered myself to mind blissful dreams and thoughts. A powerful drifting between real time and surreal dreaming. What brings two people together? How can you resist intimacy, once you’ve seen into each other’s eyes? How can you put your feelings in a box once your heart has blossomed? You see, being in love is not just a feeling or a perpetually emotional adventure of two persons devoting themselves to each other. Love does not happen to us. Being in love is a choice you make. A choice to live in that intimate space of oneness without loosing your individuality. A choice to give yourself the chance to get to know the person in front of you in the same way you get to discover yourself by looking into your lover’s heart. Being in love is not like floating in heavenly pink skies. Looking in one’s heart takes courage and trust, honesty and commitment. Commitment to the idea of changing with each other, next to each other, by each other, under the continuous risk of changing in a different direction. And that is how Love transforms you. me. all of us.

Good night

|drawing by Bertrand Neuman, Lovers. http://bertrandneuman.com|

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