“After all, we all want the same thing Nassia, we want someone to share our life with”

Today I had a date after literally ages. The excitement of getting to know someone completely unknown to you – but who actually says we are not strangers among people we’ve been knowing for years, even a lifetime, even to ourselves – the way eyes meet each other and unstoppable discussions. And then, a phrase, a thought, a belief, a hope, a pain, a sentence, a wish, a dream, an idea, a fear, a passion, a truth that makes us so common, so the same, so human, so love seeking creatures, so daring to bend and stand strong again and again till we die. My heart exploded, turned to deep, vivid, mind hurting red “After all, we all want one thing and only that, Nassia, we search for that unique person to share our short life with”.

I dedicate this post, my last heart aching one, to all those lonely, not at all weak hearts out there who have absolutely no idea how strong they are to challenge themselves over and over again for one sacred, genuinely, purely, unbearably not possible to ignore human desire of Love. Never regret embracing your morality, never regret for not short selling your dreams, your soul, your reason to exist.

Love, N.

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