When your face
appeared over my crumpled life
at first I understood
only the poverty of what I have.
Then its particular light
on woods, on rivers, by the sea,
became my beginning in the coloured world
in which I had not yet had my beginning.
I am so frightened, I am so frightened,
of the unexpected sunrise finishing,
of revelations
and tears and the excitement finishing.
I don’t fight it, my love is this fear,
I nourish it who can nourish nothing,
love’s slipshod watchman.
Fear hems me in.
I am conscious that these minutes are short
and that the colours in my eyes will vanish
when your face sets.
– Yevtushenko, Colours.

“Like love, seduction lives on secrecy, on the constant need to discover the evasive sense of something hidden, something between presence and absence. This something we seek in the other is at the roots of our being. There is no introspection, no other experience, equal to love for putting us into contact with our unconscious. Only through Love, can we really get to ourselves. But it is painful, because in the end we will have to acknowledge that the secret of the other is actually the result of psychic projection”
– Aldo Carotenuto, Eros & Pathos, Shades of Love and Suffering.

“Love is the dynamism that most infallibly brings the unconscious to light”. – C.G. Jung

In the end it is not you that I miss the most, I miss me adoring you through my eyes.

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