Uncanny. What’s that supposed to be? Part Deux

The Uncanny (Ger. Das Unheimliche – “the opposite of what is familiar”)    is a Freudian concept of an instance where something can be familiar, yet foreign at the same time, resulting in a feeling of it being uncomfortably strange oruncomfortably familiar. Because the uncanny is familiar, yet strange, it often creates congitive dissonance within the experiencing subject due to theparadoxical nature of being attracted to, yet repulsed by an object at the same time. This cognitive dissonance often leads to an outright rejection of the object, as one would rather reject than rationalize. Well, as much as I would agree with my geek friend Wiki, I would just call such behaviour as a momentum.

A momentum of non-recognition or comprehension of what takes place in a blink of an eye. People tend to invent and use definitons to interpret the unknown, the rare, the unfamiliar, instead of simply experiencing it.

uncanny part deux

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