Photography is About Seeing and Having something to say about it


You and I, next to each other, looking at the same view yet our thoughts take us far away.Back to the past, into the anticipation of the future? Who knows? Thoughts create the distance we need to experience so as to fuel the longing for coming closer. You go back to the past and realise the present. I look forward and realise how powerful the present is. Either way, nothing ends, it’s a circle that makes every ending a new beginning. The end of your fears the beginning of your dreams.

I used to urge myself to take photographs. Eventually, this obsession proved to improve my skills and my perception of the subject in front of me. Surely I don’t regret about it, yet my need to express myself has been reformed to a rather deep instinct and inner thought. When I see something I instantly have a specific idea of how to present it, I see and what I see is directly captured in a box. That box is what I call point of view. Most people thing of photographers as those cool guys behind the cameras during magazine photoshootings. Well that is one aspect, mostly to make money out of it. The private creative part is what makes a photographer. What you photograph out of your own motivation, instict, vision, passion. Not because You’ve been Asked to do so. Some others may think that photographers are some crazy guys photographing during wars and riots. Well that may be, and I admire them for their courage and guts, still not pure photography for me. It is socially powerful to see a child starving or a wounded man despirately crying minutes before dying but is that all there is? Everyone remembers the Girl with the gorgeous green eyes, do you recall the photographer’s name…?

peace of mind

During my short journey as an observer-photographer I’ve met people/ photographers of many different aspects. Some struggle for the perfect frame, the perfect contrast, others simply for the perfect light. Now try to recall photographs that have won your heart. Is any of them perfect? I guess not.  I’ve seen thousands of photographs in fashion magazines or newspapers and yes, I was amazed by the beauty, the bare and massive honesty perhaps, even the ability to deceive  viewers via a really well directed photograph,  yet none of them is now, this very moment, dominating my mind.  Yes, surely I remember a couple of Kate Moss covers, which I definitely love – how can a photographer not love her? She is a chamaleon! – but none of them is as much loved as a Robert Doisneau photograph. Maybe, this is only my very own opinion. Maybe, it is a general fact.

Maybe, I am only a restless mind looking for an exit to completed existence.

Both photographs are included in the Coal Series Project.

© All of my photographs are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved. They may not be used or reproduced publicly in any way without my written permission.

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