Urbanism is the new black.

This posts aims to take you for a walk with me. While packing once again…

The past Six months I’ve been packing and unpacking more than I have never done before in my life. I’ve been to places known on the map within Athens, Paris, London, still unknown to most of us. Unknown unless you stop for a while. A bit more perhaps. I am not a photo-maniac when visiting such places, ‘hoods’, I open my eyes and release my senses, listen carefully and observe the distance between the eye and what manages to get into the mind. Then I shoot, if I don’t move quickly and miss the shot, that’s a blessing to appreciate. I saw. So I will see it again and know how and when to expect it.

Portraits and flesh, body,I shoot alone.  Street vibrations and urban living i shoot with people I trust. I trust their humor towards photography. Yes, humor. Photography is a mean of expression. It requires strong character and humor to show who you are behind the camera. Newton was not that good in the beginning of his career. And maybe he had unfortunate moments further on his photographic explorations.

BrickLane Walk Part un

a table. apples. While walking. Looking down… basements have a view to life.

little prince outside my window

Getting ready for my next trip, I am fantasizing about the moments to be captured. I always do that and when it gets even more intense,  I write it down, I sketch it, I record it. But above all, through those trips I’ve become – or realised that I am – one of those people who talk a lot while walking but when something occurs in front of them, heart beats and eye freezes in seconds. Noticing the little details is one of those qualities one can develop only when city is their passion, their friend, enemy, shelter,  their life.

Caution. Death.

strange window posters. house Deco.

look a bit closer

and now rewind….


did you recognise the little details?


Part Deux is next.

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